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2018 Afterschool Surveys (click on the link to take survey)


Ava Elementary K-5 Family Survey

Ava Elementary K-5 Youth Survey

Ava Elementary K-5 Staff Survey

Ava Elementary K-5 Program Administrator/Site Director Survey




Ava Middle School 6-8 Family Survey

Ava Middle School 6-8 Youth Survey

Ava Middle School 6-8 Staff Survey

Ava Middle School 6-8 Program Administrator/Site Director Survey



Ava K-5 Program Administrator/Site Director Survey







(If you would like to print this form off, a printable version is listed under the "Documents" tab on this page.)


Parent or Guardian,

The Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) has contracted with the David P. Weikart Center for
Youth Program Quality (www.cypq.org), a division of the Forum for Youth Investment, along with the University of Missouri’s Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA) to conduct an evaluation of grant funded afterschool programs in Missouri. The afterschool program your child attends is being asked to provide information that will help to evaluate how well the program is doing. Staff at the afterschool program will be administering surveys to the youth in the program and to the parents/guardians of participants.

We are requesting that both you and your child(ren) complete these surveys. Below is more information on each of the surveys.

Parent Survey: This survey will ask you about the communication and relationship between yourself and the afterschool program, your thoughts about your child(ren)’s academic skills as a result of participation in the afterschool program, and your overall satisfaction with the afterschool program.

Participation in this study exposes you to minimal risk, meaning that the likelihood of harm or discomfort anticipated in the research is not greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life. Participation in this study, however, is completely voluntary. We assure you that all of the information we collect about you will be kept strictly confidential. Surveys do not ask for identifying information, so no one can connect you with your responses.

The director of your child(ren)’s program will send you a link to an online survey or provide a paper copy of the survey if preferred. The data collection window for these surveys is between February 15th and March 31th, 2018. This survey should take no more than 10 minutes.

Youth Survey: This survey will be administered online or on paper during the afterschool program time. The survey will ask your child(ren) about their experiences in the program, their opportunities to complete homework, and their perceptions about their own social and academic skills, and their beliefs about school. Participation in this study exposes your child to minimal risk, meaning that the likelihood of harm or discomfort anticipated in the research is not greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life. Participation in this study, however, is completely voluntary. Whether or not
you allow your child to take part in the study will not affect the way you or your child is treated by program staff. Even if you do not return the attached "Withdrawal Form", your child can decide not to participate without any penalty at any time.

We assure you that all of the information we collect about your child will be kept strictly confidential. The survey asks for a student ID number which can be randomly assigned by the program. Any records with your child's name on it (such as this withdrawal slip) will be kept confidential to the extent provided by federal, state, and local law.

If you have any questions regarding these surveys please contact: Jason Patrie at the Missouri AfterSchool Network (MASN) at 573-884-7590 or patriej@missouri.edu.

Thank you!



I have read (or been informed of) the information given on the previous page of this document about participation in the 2018 Afterschool Youth Survey.
By returning this form, I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION for my child to participate in the 2018 Afterschool Youth Survey.
Parent/Guardian/Legal Representative:
Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _____/_____/_____
Printed Name: ______________________________________
Relationship to Child: ________________________________
Child’s Name (Print):_________________________________
Program Name:_________________________________ City:__________________ State:_____

IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS STUDY, please return this entire document (page 1 and 2) to the youth program staff at the afterschool program no later than ______________. This document will be kept together with the research records of this study.

If you want your child to participate, no action is necessary. Thank you.

Bears Den


Has a new grant!


We are happy to announce that Ava has been awarded a new five year 21st CCLC grant for the afterschool programs at the elementary and middle school.


What does this mean?


* Program runs from 3:15 - 5:45 p.m.


* Each morning 6:45-8:00 at the Elem and 7:00-8:00 at the MS.


* Transportation home each night. Door to door in town and designated stops outside of town.


* Family cap of $25 per week


* No family will be turned away due to the cost…. We have scholarships so all kids can attend. A one page scholarship application is all you need to complete!


* More Tutoring will be available


* Day Camps will be available when we do not have school due to a planned break.


* Classes focused on science, technology, arts ‘n crafts, and physical activities.


* Math and Reading skills along with Homework help will be worked on each night.


Enrollment forms will be needed if we do not have one already. If your child will be riding a bus home, we need a note telling us town address or possible designated stop. We will establish designated stops that meet all of our needs as best we can.


Bus Routes for “Bears Den”


“Town” Route (Town & Hwy 5 N.) Tentative Stops


* 2nd Avenue (City of Ava) to Hwy FF to Hwy 14 East 5:35 PM


* Sundown Ridge (City of Ava) 5:40 PM


* Hwy 5 South and 76 West Intersection (SE Corner) 5:45 PM


* Rainbow Ridge (City of Ava) 5:50 PM


* Ava Trailer Court (City of Ava) 5:55 PM


* Copeland (City of Ava) 6:00 PM


* Hitching Post (Hwy 5 North) 6:05 PM


“North” Route (Hwy 14 W., Hwy O, Hwy T, & Hwy 76) Tentative Stops


* Beaver Bridge (Hwy 14 West) 5:40 PM


* Dogwood Store (Hwy 14 West) 5:50 PM


* Red Bank Store (Hwy O South) 6:05 PM


* Junction (Hwy O & Hwy T) 6:10 PM


* Goodhope Church of the Nazarene (Hwy T & Hwy 76) 6:15 PM


* Junction (Hwy 76 & Hwy PP) 6:20 PM


“South” Route (Hwy 5 S, Hwy P, & Hwy 14 E.) Tentative Stops


* Pentecostal Church (Hwy 5 South) 5:40 PM


* Spurlock Store (Hwy 5 South) 5:45 PM


* Sale Barn (Hwy 5 South) 5:48 PM


* Murray Community Church (Hwy P/ Hwy 5 South) 5:50 PM


* Girdner Church (Hwy P) 6:00 PM


* Hwy P and Hwy 14 East 6:10 PM


* Hwy 14 East and Hwy AB 6:15 PM


* Star Chapel & VV (Hwy 14 East) 6:23 PM


Bus Stops


* Stops are based on current information. Additional enrollment MAY vary potential stops.


Any new information will be communicated newsletter and


Ava R-I Schools Bears Den Home Page


* Parents are encouraged to be at the stops at least 5 minutes as times can fluctuate.




Bears Den Staff